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Murphy Orchards
Murphy Orchards - School & Group Tours

We offer Underground Railroad Heritage guided group tours by reservation:

Underground Railroad History Tours

Every Time is a Good Time to Visit Murphy Orchards!

Spring is one of the most exciting times on a farm: the buds on the tress swell and burst into bloom, our new baby duckss begin to explore the world, and we bustle around plowing and planting!

Summer brings growing fruits and vegetables, ripening strawberries, cherries and peaches, and lots of wonderful warm sunshine.

Fall harvest is what farms are all about! Our trees and our soil reward our hard work with crisp, juicy ripe apples, and big, bright orange pumpkins. Our kitchens are filled with the wonderful aroma of newly harvested fruits and vegetables being turned into sweet jams, jellies and spicy sauces and salsa!

Winter brings reflection, serene afternoons in the tearoom, making plans for the coming year. Please come and join in the joy of farming with us.

We plan our tours to be structured and educational, and will plan the day's outing to your interests. Call and let us know what your group's particular interests are, and we'll work with you to plan a trip that will be memorable and worthwhile.

We want all who visit our farm to have an enjoyable time, but we also make every effort to address the Learning Standards of New York State. We believe that learning is fun.
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Our farm offers hands-on learning experiences, plus exciting new ways to explore the Learning Standards of New York State in the Arts, Science and Technology (we could spend a whole day exploring the physics of a cider press!) Career Development & Occupational Studies, Social Studies, English Language Arts, Physical Education and Family & Consumer Sciences, Mathematics, and even Languages other then English (like African beaded mnemonic memory devices!). Tell us the standards you want to address, and we will do that for you.

Underground Railroad History Tours

Charles McClew established this farm, now known as Murphy Orchards, in 1850. Charles and his wife Anna Marie are believed to have been involved in the Underground Railroad Network from 1850 until 1861.

The house, barn and orchards themselves remain virtually as they were when built 150 years ago, offering an authentic setting for sharing the history of the Underground Railroad.

Additionally, as a working farm, we are able to demonstrate a real, hands-on illustration of how farming in the new American Colonies eventually led to the horrifying chattel slavery that existed for generations.

Extended Underground Railroad History Tour (One and a Half Hour Tour)

A presentation of Underground Railroad history, a tractor drawn wagon ride, a short walk along Hopkins Creek to experience the landscape traveled by people escaping from slavery, and a view of the entrance to a secret room under our barn which was used to hide and shelter people escaping from slavery.

$5.75 per person ($57.50 minimum) - Teachers & Tour Guides are not charged.

*We have lots of open space and picnic tables if you would like to bring your lunch.


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