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Murphy Orchards
Murphy Orchards - Personalized Jams & Jellies
Our Jams, Jellies and Butters make the perfect favors for any event!
Weddings Baby & Bridal Showers Corporate Gifts Special Events

Prices include Personalized Labels - Please Provide all Required Information
Minimum Quantity per flavor is 12 jars
2 oz. jars, 5 oz. jar, Half-Pint jar
Our most popular flavors are Strawberry Jam, Peach Jam, and Apple Jelly. However you can order whatever flavors you would like. For a list of some other flavors please see our Online Store. List the flavor(s) you would like in the box under other (the box will expand to hold all the flavors you would like) with how many of each you need. Place the total number of jars of "other" flavors in the quantity box.

For example:
Other: type "gooseberry (10), blackberry (15), raspberry (25)
Quantity: type "50"
1) 2-oz. Hexagon shaped jar with gold lid $1.75 each
  Strawberry Jam QTY

Once we receive your order we will e-mail you a sample label for approval. Once we have your approval for the label we will complete your order and ship it out.
  Peach Jam QTY
  Apple Jelly QTY
  Other QTY
2) 5-oz. Hexagon shaped jar with gold lid $2.65 each
  Strawberry Jam QTY Some label suggestions to get you started:
"A Sweet Thank You..."
"Happy Holidays..."
"Spread the Love..."
"Jon + Mary - 9.10.11"
  Peach Jam QTY
  Apple Jelly QTY
  Other QTY
3) Half-Pint (10-oz.) jar, with fabric “hat” $3.65 each
  Strawberry Jam QTY If you would like to request a certain color hat visit our Contact Us page.
Only the half-pint jar has a "hat."
  Peach Jam QTY
  Apple Jelly QTY
  Other QTY
4) 11.5-oz. Hexagon shaped jar with gold lid $4.95 each
  Strawberry Jam QTY How long it will take us to ship out your jam favors depends somewhat on how many jams you order and what size you order.
We ship from New York State. We can usually ship out any order within 10 days, but we can do it quicker if you need it sooner, contact us to let us know. We ship via UPS ground, which takes a maximum of 7 business days to arrive anywhere in the Continental U.S. However, if you need them sooner, we can ship them via UPS 2nd Day Air or UPS Next Day Air, but it will be very expensive! This option is available during checkout.

The jars are sealed and have a shelf life of at least one year. We suggest that you order as soon as possible to allow for any unexpected problems.
  Peach Jam QTY
  Apple Jelly QTY
  Other QTY
Label Information:
5) Labels are printed in black on white labels for no extra charge, but can be printed in black on gold labels for an additional cost of 5 cents per jar.
  I would like White labels.
  I would like Gold labels(please apply the extra 5 cents per jar charge to my bill)
6) Please limit your message to a maximum of ten words – remember that the more
words, the smaller the print will be.
  Desired Label Text
7) Desired style of printing (font):
8) Billing/Shipping Address.
  Billing Address:
No shipping to PO boxes.

 Please include area code (ex: 716-555-5511)
  Shipping Address: Use Billing Address
No shipping to PO boxes. 

Please include area code
(ex: 716-555-5511) 

*All personal and confidential information provided to this site will be protected.

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